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What are Micro-moments?

What are micro-moments and why they’re relevant to your business.

Earlier in 2015 Think with Google released an article that shook up the business world and impacted our way of thinking about, designing for and marketing to customers. The shift to mobile has changed the game. We are seeing a need to understand how consumers are shopping and making decisions in the age of instant information.

Being present in micro-moments

Google explains that because today’s consumers are carrying smartphones with them everywhere they go they’re looking to make informed decisions about their purchases in the moment. Anything from looking at product reviews in-store, to googling hair salons within walking distance. It’s these times in a customer’s journey that are called micro-moments, where the consumer turns to their device for the answer. Google breaks it down in their Guide to these micro-moments:


Exploring or researching but not yet ready to make a purchase


Searching for a local business or nearby products


Answering How-to questions and offering instructions


Customers are ready to make a purchase, your brand must be present with the right information when it counts

Winning micro-moments

Now that you know when to be present for you customers, do you know how to win them over in these moments?

Being there and being useful in these moments won’t only improve your customers’ lives; it’ll improve your bottom line. Looking across 36 studies, we found that just showing up in search results on mobile grows unaided brand awareness by an average increase of 6.9 percentage points or 46% among those who saw a search ad. – Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile

What is most important in these micro-moments is not only just showing-up in the search results but providing useful, timely, contextual information. Give your brand a leg-up by providing a feature that other search results aren’t offering. In Google’s Micro-moments Guide they explain how you can tackle each moment:

Be There

Anticipate when your customers will reach out and commit to being there to help in those moments

Be Useful

Offer relevant, sought after information to connect people to answers

Be Quick

Mobile users want to know, go, and buy swiftly

Where To Start

You know what you have to do but where do you start? Follow these steps to start winning over customers in the moments that count.

  1. Create a customer journey-map to discover which instances you want to fix or improve.
  2. Research and understand your customer’s wants in these moments.
  3. Find the context in which these moments occur and use that to tailor your design.
  4. How does your product’s experience translate across different channels?
  5. Keep track of your findings to measure any trends.

Being mindful of these micro-moments will help your business start winning in the age of mobile and spend less time and energy by marketing smarter.